possibility mindset

Unlocking The Possibility Mentality

Many things seem impossible with men but possible with God. The human mind has a lot of limitations. Most times we can’t...
kingdom advancement

Empowered For Kingdom Advancement

Kingdom service is not for feeble men, it is for strong, agile, courageous, focused, and determined people who are not carried away...
Godly character

Developing Godly Character

Romans 12:9-12, 2 Peter 1:5-8. The saying “charisma without character will end up in catastrophe” looks as...
not hopeless

Your Case Is Not Hopeless

Every life’s challenges are opportunities to move God into action. Whatever you are passing through in life, God has a way out...
Facing life's challenges

Facing Life’s Challenges

Challenges are inevitable in life. Every living human being has to face one challenge or the other. Although it varies, no man...

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