Understanding God’s Mandate for the End Time Church

Mark 16:15-19


The church is God’s last bus stop to restore the world back to himself. In His agenda, he has special passion for man. Although man failed him in many ways but God always make provisions for reconciliation. Jesus promised to build his church and the gate of hell will not overcome it.

God set up the end time church as a solution centre for the world. The church cannot afford to fail God; hence she must understand God’s purpose for her. Abuse is inevitable if the purpose of a thing is not well understood. The purpose of this lecture is to open our eyes to the mandate of our Lord for the church at this moment.

Mandate Defined

The word mandate according to Oxford Advance Learner Dictionary and Cambridge Advance Learner Dictionary is explained in three categories.

  • Authority given to an elected group of people to perform an action
  • An order given to someone to perform a particular task
  • To give a special permission for something to happen.


The word ‘Understand’ means to have a deep knowledge of something. To know it’s meaning, and purpose for effectiveness.

When a man lacks understanding;

  • he lives with a reprobate mind – Romans 1:28.
  • he lives a confused life
  • he abuses every privilege
  • he is full of himself
  • he is careless about his life, his family and environment
  • he takes the grace of God for granted
  • he takes God’s order with levity
  • he does things without thinking of the repercussion
  • he plays upon God’s intelligence
  • he neglects his responsibility – Job 39:13-17
  • he is exposed to many temptations – Pro 7:7-10
  • he rejoices in sin – Pro. 6:32
  • he is easily delivered, snared and taken by a crafty person – Prov. 17:18
  • he lives in darkness, sensuality and bondage – Prov. 21:16
  • he oppresses others – Prov. 28:16
  • he lacks the fear of the Lord
  • it spells disaster – Psalm 32:9
  • it ruins a man’s life and home – Prov. 24:30
  • it distracts you – Prov. 12:11

What is God expectation for the end time church?

It should be

  1. A place where there is a “move of the spirit” Joel 2:28
  2. A center for genuine worship. John 4:23
  3. An atmosphere of holiness and sanctification. II Tim. 2:21
  4. A center for Evangelism and Soul winning. Matt. 28:19
  5. A center for healing and deliverance. Mark 16: 17-18
  6. An atmosphere to raise giants for the Lord. Discipleship – Elijah raised Elisha, Moses raised Joshua, and Jesus raised the Apostles.
  7. A center for spiritual and physical welfare. Acts 6:1-7


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