The Keys of The Kingdom

The Keys of The Kingdom
Matt. 16:19

Wow! Glory to God in the highest. It’s my pleasure to welcome you to this new month of June 2021 – the month of “Uncommon Access to God’s Grace and Mercy.”

This month, you will move from Glory to Glory; live under sure divine protection; death is not your portion; failure is not your portion; sorrow will not come to your house; and the rod of the wicked will not rest upon your lot.

Whatever you lay your hands on will prosper, whoever stand on your way will give way for you. This month, you are favoured from above in the name of Jesus.

Like in every other month, the mind of God for you in this month is to establish a genuine relationship with him. This brings us to the question of Jesus to his disciple in Matthew 16: 13-15.

The disciple had been following Jesus all the days and Jesus had invested in them all they needed to be fruitful in life and ministry but at a point in time, Jesus felt there is a need for them to move from one spiritual stage to another.

He wanted them to become a stakeholder in kingdom affairs, he wanted them to be part of the controllers of kingdom matters but this authority is not allowed to be given to people who don’t possess adequate knowledge of kingdom matters as you cannot become an authority over what you don’t know.

So, Jesus tested and asked them, who do people say the Son of Man is? This question generated many answers since many people have said many things about Jesus.

To some group of people he was a prophet, to some he was a revolutional leader, to some he was a political activists, well what others said about Jesus doesn’t matter, what you said about him matters a lot. So Jesus asked “who do you say I am?”

This was a critical question that requires an in-depth thinking to give a sensitive answer.

This question was to confirm the conviction of the disciple on the personality of Jesus. But Peter answered and said “you are the Christ, the Son of the Living God.”

The answer convinced Jesus that he could be trusted with Kingdom Authority since the confession is not just mere information but from a divine revelation. Based on this confession, Peter was confirmed an authority in kingdom affairs with the statement of verse 19 of the same chapter.

“I will give you the keys of the kingdom of heaven, whatever you bind on earth will be bound in heaven and whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in heaven.”

With this statement, it was clear that Jesus made Peter a kingdom stakeholder who makes decisions on earth with authentic heavenly backings. Since then, Peter has an unlimited access to kingdom authority.

Dear reader, the spiritual level where some of us operate is limited to Matthew 7:7 where believers are allowed to knock and the doors will be opened for them. But the question remains, would you knock a door you possess its key?

If you have the key you don’t need to knock, since you are allowed to access the room anytime anyhow. But those who don’t have the key live at the mercy of who is inside who will decide either to open the door or not.

Nobody on earth will release his keys to his house to anybody anyhow except for matured family members, close relations and intimate friends. So also God will not release the keys of the kingdom of heaven to any believer who does not have a close relationship with him.

Your knowledge about Jesus determines whether you will be given these keys or not. So, who do you say Jesus is? The Lord of your life or just a miracle worker whom you need miracles from?

But don’t forget that these keys are not given to those who are looking for miracles, they are only given to those who have totally accepted Christ as the Lord of their lives. And with these keys you have unlimited access to anywhere on earth and in heaven.

If you will like to operate beyond ordinary in this month of June the secret is in your relationship with Jesus, because who He is in your life determines what you will access in this New Month.

Hope to hear from you before the next edition. Till then, I am proud to tell you that Jesus Loves You and I Love You too. Have a wonderful month. God bless you!


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