JOHN 15:1-2

Kingdom service is not for the unconcerned, unconverted and uncommitted. God is interested in people who are not expensive but are useful, people whom their impacts are felt in their area of service. Those who are not just occupying spaces, or carrying the title, but are effectively serving God in their assigned position.

When you know that God has placed you where you are in the Church and that He needs you there, it will change the way you work there. God recognizes you where you have been called to be, and he wants the whole world to feel that you are there.

To be relevant according to oxford advanced learner Dictionary means to be closely connected to your purpose, to have a valuable idea or to be useful to people in their lives and works. So, to be relevant means to be effective in your assigned area; to work diligently and to fulfil your main purpose.

Recognition and relevance are not by shot or show of names and title, but by proof of good works and result.

Relevance in simple terms is being known, making impacts, touching lives, helping people, making lives better, keeping on, making progress, being abreast of information, making people feel your presence in your Church and locality through good works and preaching the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ. The burning question is, how do we become relevant in our area of service?

In the Bible days, there are Individuals, Kings, Prophets, People, Assemblies and Church who were the voice at a particular time. But at another time, they were forgotten so much that even God had to bypass them and talked to other people. People and demon don’t know that they still exist just because they were no longer relevant. Their good impact ceased while they were alive. E.g.

  • Prophet Zedekiah and Micaiah – 1 King 22:24-25
  • Prophet Eli and Samuel – 1 Samuel 3:15-18
  • King Saul and David – 1 Samuel 16:1-2, 11-13
  • Sons of Sceva – Acts 19:13-16

The moment the people around you either in the Church or community can no longer feel your impact as a Christian, it is proof that you are far away from the Lord. He will bypass you and send another person, so check yourself whether you are still at the centre of God’s will.


1. Your relevance stops when you stop growing: You can’t operate beyond your maturity level. One of the problems of the contemporary Church is that we have so many gifted people who are not growing. And your relevance is attached to your growth.

2. Personal improvement is the mother of all improvement: You will be relevant when you are improving. The largest room in the world is room for improvement.

3. Schooling is for a while, continuous education is till death: You must keep studying for as long as you want to be relevant. You can’t be greater than what you don’t know. That is why Paul told Timothy to study to show himself approved – 2Timothy 2:15

4. Success stops when stretching stops. According to John Maxwell, success is like fighting a gorilla. You don’t quit when you are tired; you only quit when the gorilla is tired. Enthronement is not for those who are not ready to go the extra mile. Whatever you are not ready to die for, you can’t succeed in it.

5. Continuous training and education is the mother of relevance: When Jesus called us to himself in Matthew 11:28, He called us to come and learn at His feet. So whoever wants to be relevant in Kingdom activity must embrace continuous learning. In Luke 10:38-42, Martha was careful and troubled about many things, but Mary sat at the feet of Jesus to learn, and that was needful. If you want to be useful to God, you have to keep learning at His feet.

6. Great commission-driven members lead to relevant Churches: Matthew 28:19-20, when we as Christians see soul winning as our main focus, it will keep us relevant in our locality. Any church that is not standing on the great commission, who did not mobilize their members to evangelize and win souls for Jesus is not relevant in that locality.

To be relevant and current in the Church is not a matter of God will revive His work when He likes, but, a result of deliberate work and labour. You must be willing to grow, evangelize and disciple people.


  1. When what keeps you in the Church is your title and position.
  2. When you are no longer punctual and available at your duty post.
  3. When you are no longer happy serving God in your area of calling.
  4. When you envy other people’s achievement in the Church instead of facing your area of calling.
  5. When you are no longer concerned about the development of the Church, the welfare of other members and the souls of those who are perishing.
  6. When you prefer doing other things than serving God.
  7. When you now have excuses for your inconsistencies in faith walk
  8. When you no longer see your service as unto the Lord.
  9. When you are conscious of the worldly gain than the heavenly reward.
  10. When you can no longer be reproved or corrected by Godly brethren.
  11. When you feel that you are far above learning at God’s feet. E.g. Sunday school, Bible Studies, Workers Seminar, listening to messages etc.
  12. When your lifestyle can no longer attract people to the kingdom but sends them away.
  13. When you are no longer a model of Good examples.


1. Keep renewing your commitment to God daily: To be relevant in God’s kingdom, the starting point is your commitment to God. You have to begin by examining yourself if you are in the faith – 2Cor. 13:5. Then, keep reminding yourself that Christ must be magnified in your body, whether by life or death.

For me to live is Christ and to die is gain, Philippians 1:20-21. Commit yourself just like Peter said in John 6:68, that Lord to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life.

2. Keep accessing yourself in the light of God’s word: Ask yourself relevant questions like, I’m I in his will? Study the word to know if you are still in the will of God, 2Cor 13:5. Study the word and know your stand with God. Be careful so that the love of the world will not drive you away from God’s purpose.

3. Continue to fellowship with kingdom-minded people: Proverbs 13:20 says, he that walk with the wise shall be wise. Who you walk, sit and fellowship with, determines your stand and effectiveness in God’s kingdom. Remember Psalm 1:1-3. The word “fellowship” as explained by someone, is divided into two; “fellow” and “ship” which mean fellows in the same ship. The implication is that people you walk with determines who you are. So if you want to be relevant in your kingdom service, you must fellowship and walk with kingdom-minded people.

4. Maintain your loyalty to God and the Church: Inexperienced person is likely to think that the more gifted you are, the more relevant you will be in kingdom service. Biblical instruction has shown to us that God commits His work to people who are loyal to Him and to His servants. So, if you want to be relevant. Your loyalty matters.

5. Keep serving God, even when it is not convenient: No one can be relevant when serving God is not his priority. Apart from the call of salvation, another general call that everybody has is the call to service. Serving God gives you access to the heart of God. Serving God makes you operate in the realm of the supernatural. Those who are committed to kingdom service are assets in the hand of God.

6. Keep learning at God’s feet: Spiritual learning should not stop if you want to be relevant in God’s kingdom. Those who stop learning start dying. The Holy Spirit is the best teacher. Jesus told us he would teach us all things – John 14:26. The more we get closer, the more we know better.

7. Keep reaching out to souls in and outside your locality: Jesus prayed for Peter so that when he’s restored, he will help others. Abraham was blessed to be a blessing to others. Esther was favoured for the salvation of the Jews. Paul was saved on his way to Damascus because of the salvation of the Gentiles. God’s investment in you is not for fun. It’s because he wants to reach out to souls through you. Don’t disappoint him; keep reaching out to people with gospel massage.

8. Keep improving yourself prayerfully and otherwise: Improvement in your prayer life is part of your steps to relevance. There is no how you can be spiritually relevant if you neglect your prayer alter. That is your meeting point with the Lord

9. Keep a standard relationship with the Holy Spirit: God is Spirit, and those who worship him must worship him in Spirit and in truth – John 4:24. If you want to be relevant in your walk with, and service to God, you must have a cordial relationship with the Holy Spirit.

10.  Keep growing in grace: You become relevant when you are growing daily. So you must grow spiritually and grow in the grace of God.


Kingdom service is not for outdated people, who are no longer in tune with God. It is for those who keep updating themselves with the right spiritual information—those who have continuous communication with God and are committed to self-development. So if you want to be in tune, you must be relevant.


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