looking unto Jesus


Text: Hebrew 12:1-3

Christianity is being conformed in the image of God’s son. The essence of the Christian life is “Christ in you, the hope of glory.”

Christianity, therefore, has to do with continually looking unto Jesus, trustfully, submissively and lovingly. It is a heart occupied with, and a mind stayed on him.

Genuine Christianity is a life lived in communion with Christ; the living Christ must be the passion and reality of souls. He must own all we have (Philippians 1:20; Galatians 1:20)

The secret of our intimate personal relationship with the Lord is a personal experience with the crucified and resurrected Christ. Our sufficiency to live in the Christian life is found in Jesus Christ, who is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow (Hebrew 13:8).

So in your Christian walk, there are many challenges, many distractions and many frustrations. There are many times when things seem not working, there are times of internal battles, but one thing that will keep you moving is to look not unto man, but unto Jesus.

When you look unto man, there is an imperfection in man. Sometimes people are not who you think they are; your so-called role model might have secret pit-falls. There are times when people who are supposed to be your mentors stand as your tormentors.

Christian walk could be demanding, and sometimes, it’s as if you are sinking, but when you focus on Jesus, no matter how deep you sink, you will surely come out.

To look unto Jesus is to trust Him to fulfil His promises;
To look unto Jesus is to see Him in all your life’s challenges;
To look unto Jesus is to see Him on your side when others are against you;
To look unto Jesus is to see Him as the only one who can reward your service;
To look unto Jesus is to follow his example:

  • He emptied His glory – Philip. 2:7;
  • He took the form of a servant – Philip. 2:7;
  • He humbled Himself – Philip. 2:8;
  • He endured the cross – Heb. 12:2;
  • He prayed for those who persecuted Him – Luke 23:34;
  • He submitted to God’s will – Matt26:39;
  • He went about with good works; – Acts 10:38
  • He made a lot of sacrifices to fulfil God’s purpose; – John 4:34
  • He was so accommodating that even the woman with the issues of blood could touch Him; – Luke 8:43 – 48
  • He always finds time to pray for His People – John 17:9;
  • He spends his time teaching them the genuine word of God; – Matthew 5:1 – 2
  • He was bold enough to correct errors in the temple; – Matthew 21:12 – 13
  • He shows love to all irrespective of their past:
  • Instead of condemning Zacchaeus, he followed him home and make sure he was saved – Luke 19:1-10;
  • Instead of condemning the woman found in adultery, He encouraged her to sin no more – John 8:1-11;
  • Instead of denouncing the thief beside him on the cross, he saved him with uncommon grace at his dying minute – Luke 23:43.
  • Jesus will not dodge responsibilities, irrespective of how difficult they are.
  • He did not encourage waste – John 6:22.
  • He trained people to be faithful stewards – Luke 16:10-12.
  • He trained people that there is multiplication in sharing – John 6:1-15.
  • He obeyed constituted authority – Matthew 17:24-27.


Jesus has given us good examples of how to face some life’s challenges. All we need to do is to keep focusing on him as we move on in our Christian walk. Serving God is a privilege, but it is demanding, and to whom much is given, much is expected. God is counting on you; please don’t disappoint him.


  1. Thank you for this powerful piece sir. May God strengthen our faith in Him and uphold to the end. He will look down on our land and heal it in Jesus name.
    May your ministry continue to wax stronger in Jesus name.


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